Pitco Tube Fired Gas Fryer

The Pitco 40D Gas Fryer uses a unique tube fired design to maximize performance and efficiency. The thermostatic controls allow any temperature desired between 200°F and 400°F. The 40D Fryer is constructed out of long lasting stainless steel to ensure strength and simplify cleaning. The stainless steel design also allows this model to provide and withstand maximum heating and combustion rates. See full flyer which includes specs here.

  • Impressive 14″ x 14″ fry area
  • Standard accessories include two twin sized baskets, perfect for fries and much more
  • Tank and cabinet are both pure stainless steel
  • The gas control valve takes preventative measures to control the gas flow until the pilot is established- it will also shut off the gas flow automatically if the pilot flame ever goes out
  • Safety temperature switch prevents fryer from exceeding the limit
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