Chef Master Salad Dryer

No one wants to receive a house salad that is so covered with water that the salad dressing runs off of the leaves. Your customers want a crisp, flavorful refreshing salad. But you still need to wash your salad greens. What do you do? Take your salad for a spin.

The Chef-Master 90008 salad spinner is easy to use. Load up your chopped lettuce or separated salad greens, place the lid on securely, grip the crank’s handle and go for a spin. Then you can remove your salad greens use them immediately or refrigerate them for use in the near future.
  • Patented, Innovative “Braking System” will Protect and Increase the Life of the Gears
  • Sealed Gearbox Provides a Sanitary Environment
  • Convenient Side Handles Allow for Quick and Safe Transport
  • Comfortable Finger Grip Handle on the Crank will Maximize Productivity and Minimize Operator Fatigue
  • Heavy Duty, FDA Approved Plastic Provides a Reliable and Safe Product
  • Large 5 Gallon Capacity Accommodates Approximately 5-6 Heads of Lettuce
  • No Assembly Required – Ready to Use Out of the Box
  • Can Spin Both Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise
  • Crank Shaft is Rust Resistant Commercial Grade Chrome Plated Brass

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