Tomlinson Brand Kettle’s
Tomlinson’s 10 1/2 Qt Glenray Premium Soup Kettle (#1024107)
This soup kettle is a stellar option for your restaurant. This unit holds an impressive 10.5 quarts of soup. Adjustable temperature controls ensure that you’ll be able to serve your soup with the appropriate amount of warmth. It can rethermalize refrigerated product at 35 to 160 degrees in approximately 42 minutes. The #1024107 includes a stainless steel food insert, hinged lid, and ladle. 24 product cards for display purposes also come with this Tomlinson Glenray Premium soup kettle.
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Tomlinson 10 1/2 qt Glenray Premium Cooker Warmer (#1024108)

The best in small kitchen equipment is this Glenray Premium 10-1/2 qt cooker warmer. With a stainless steel shell, stainless steel insert, and stainless steel ladle this soup warmer cooker is extraordinarily durable and easy to maintain. An adjustable temperature control up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit make this warmer cooker wonderfully versatile in what you can cook and how long it takes to reach temperature. With a 10-1/2 qt. capacity this product will feed many with just one pot full.

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The Glenray Kettle/Soup Warmer (#1021805)

The stainless steel hinged lid is easy to clean, retains heat and resists damage. The black powder coated steel exterior keeps your liquid foods warm in an energy efficient manner and resists external damage, keeping it new and professional looking for longer. Add this handy kettle warmer to any space you need warm liquid foods that are ready to serve. Glenray Kettle/Soup Warmer, 10-1/2 qt, adjustable temp control, stainless steel ladle, food insert, stainless steel hinged lid, black powder coated steel shell, 120v/60/1-ph, 400 watts, NSF/UL

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This Tomlinson Glenray Soup Kettle (#1021806)
The stainless steel food insert has a 10.5 quart capacity for soups and stews and is covered by a hinged stainless steel lid with a polycarbonate handle. Keep this soup kettle in your kitchen or even place it on your hot food bar or other self service area. Its unique design promotes fast and even heat up and adjustable temperature control. Included with this soup kettle is a matching stainless steel ladle for serving. Add this Tomlinson soup kettle to your restaurant today! Soup Kettle, 10-/2 quarts, adjustable temperature control, stainless steel ladle, hinged lid and shell, food insert, 120v/60/1-ph, 400 watts, NSF/UL
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High quality and excellent price make the Glenray Premium cooker warmer an outstanding value for your soup cooking and warming needs.
“Test Results show that the Glenray Premium Kettle Heats up twice as fast as the leading Competition.”
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